Worship God

We will worship God daily and personally in prayer and scripture reading.


We will worship God together in our weekly gatherings.

Sunday Mornings, Home Groups, & Wednesday nights for youth group. 

Serve our city

Local Agencies

We will partner with Agencies such as Serve Moses LakeCrossroads Resource Center, and others to Serve Our City.

Service Events

We will engage in Local Community Events like the “Back to School” Event (Serve Moses Lake) to Serve Our City.

School Adoption Ministry

We will engage in various volunteer roles within our local schools to Serve Our City.

Currently we are serving (and looking for more ways to serve) Longview Elementary.

Make disciples


Each Track will be a short-term group that meets to learn specific skills or information. Currently we have our Financial Peace University Track, but future Tracks could include a Marriage Track, Man Skills and Adventures Track, or Passion Pursuit Track.

Personal Mentoring

We will encourage Personal Mentoring Relationships to be developed for spiritual growth, such as Paul talked about to Timothy in 2 Tim. 2:2: Paul→Timothy→Faithful Men→Others